How long can I use the FREE subscription?

In this article, you can find information about time limits and conditions for a FREE subscription.

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There is no time limit on using a Stripo account that has the FREE subscription plan. All emails and templates created in your FREE account will be stored permanently.

There are only limits on the number of services provided in the account, as described below:

What limits are applied to the FREE plan?

  • Offering a modest yet effective 3 Projects to initiate your organizational endeavors;

  • The total number of emails and templates cannot exceed 10;

  • You are limited to 4 exports monthly;

  • Export options are limited, you can export templates to Zapier or to a webhook; as a draft to Gmail or web Outlook, as an OFT/EMLTPL file for Outlook; as HTML, PDF, or Image;

  • 5 email tests can be sent daily;

  • You will get 1000 timer views per month;

  • The "Version history" will store changes for the past 30 days.

All counters are reset next month, on the same day when the plan was activated.

For example, you created the account on 8 November 2023, and have used all your exports, therefore new exports will be provided on 8 December 2023 (can 1 day earlier or later depending on the length of a month).

To find the date when you were registered in Stripo:

  • Please switch to the "Settings""Billing""Billing Address" tabs;

  • To check how many exports are left in the current period, click on the "Export" button;

  • In the pop-up window you will be able to check how many exports are left.

How to order more exports?

If you need more exports as the current limit is insufficient for your needs, the solution is to either:

1) Upgrade your account to one of the paid plans;

2) Buy more exports using the Extra Exports subscription.

  • To upgrade the account, go to the "Settings" tab"Billing""Subscription" and click on the button "Change plan";

A detailed comparison of our pricing plans is provided in the following articles:

  • To order a subscription for Extra Exports, proceed with the "Billing""Subscription" tabs and click on the toggle button "Extra Exports".

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