Timer block is a prepaid service available with any tariff plan. It helps you to create and add a countdown timer designed in brand book style to the email template. At the specified time and day, the timer will show zeros.

Monthly views is a total number of timer views our server will generate for your account. Every time your user opens the email with Timer (or you re-edit this block), Stripo tracks how many times the timer was displayed, and accordingly reduces the number of views available for the current billing period.

When available views are out, GIF picture with a timer will be replaced with a single-pixel image.

The counter of available Timer views can be tracked on Organization Settings page of your account.

Important to notice. Each time when you open an email\template which contains a timer block in the editor, or edit a timer block the number accessible for view timer blocks reduce.

More information about Timer block you can find in our post.

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