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Exploring Stripo's Additional Services
Exploring Stripo's Additional Services

This article helps you to tour the Additional Services that Stripo provides.

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Stripo goes beyond the basics, offering a range of additional services to enhance your email creation and delivery experience. Let's delve into the details of each service:

Extra Email Client Tests:

What are Extra Email Client Tests? Ensure your emails dazzle on every screen. Stripo's integrated testing tool, partnered with Email on Acid, allows you to test your emails across various platforms and devices.

How to get more:

  • Simply navigate to "Settings" "Company""General Information";

  • Switch to "Extra Email Clients Tests";

  • And acquire 10 additional tests for $20, valid for a month.

For more information about Extra Email Clients Tests please follow this link.

Extra Export:

What is Export? The "Export" function, a versatile feature within Stripo, empowers users to efficiently transfer their email templates to various destinations, ensuring seamless integration. After dedicating time to craft an exquisite email template, refining design elements, and perfecting text and images, it's time for your audience to marvel at it in their inboxes.

If you find yourself with a bustling month of mailings and deplete your monthly export limit, you can seamlessly continue creating emails and exporting them.

How to get more:

  • For additional exports in the "Company""General Information" tab;

  • Switch on the "Extra Exports" in additional service, where 10 exports cost $5;

  • You are able to purchase it by credit card or PayPal.

Please be informed, that additional exports are available in multiples of 10.

For more information about extra export please follow this link.

Extra Timer Views:

What are Timer Views? The Countdown Timer block serves to evoke a sense of urgency, emphasizing that time is limited. Additionally, it proves valuable for building anticipation by counting down to the unveiling of exclusive discounts or offers. This strategy not only sparks curiosity but also maintains interest, prompting individuals to return. As the designated time and day arrive, the timer visually displays zeros, marking the conclusion of the countdown.

How to get more:

  • To purchase additional views as an add-on in the "Company" → "General Information" tab;

  • Switch on "Extra Timer Views" in "Company""General Information" for $15 per 200k views.

  • Keep in mind, that opening an email template with a timer block in the editor reduces monthly views by 1.

For more information about Extra Timer Views please follow this link.

Extra Users:

What are Extra Users? Designed for collaborative work, Extra Users in Stripo allow you to add and manage team members with access to your account. They can be assigned permissions for viewing and editing, streamlining collaboration within your marketing agency.

If your team grows or if you need more collaborators, additional users can be purchased.

How to get more:

  • Please go to "Company" → "General Information" tab;

  • Select "Extra Users" in the additional service and choose the number of users needed.

  • Each additional user costs $7 monthly.

Please note that the user you want to add to your account must be registered with Stripo.

For more information about Extra Users please follow this link.

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