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What do you mean by "Timer block, monthly opens"?
What do you mean by "Timer block, monthly opens"?

This article describes the timer block and monthly opens available on the Stripo platform.

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The main purpose of a countdown Timer block is to create a sense of urgency and give the feeling that “time is running out.”

In addition to this, it could be helpful to count down to when a particular discount or offer becomes available. It can generate curiosity and keep people interested and coming back. At the specified time and day, the timer will show zeros.

Timer block in Stripo is a prepaid service available with any tariff plan. Even a Free subscription plan has 1000 monthly opens. Switch to the pricing plan page to get acquainted with the timer limits for each tariff plan.

Monthly opens are the total number of timer views our server will generate for your account.

Every time your end-customer opens the email with Timer (or you re-edit this block), Stripo tracks how many times the timer was displayed and accordingly reduces the number of opens available for the current billing period.

When available opens are out, GIF pictures with a timer will be replaced with a single-pixel image.

The counter of available Timer Opens can be tracked on your account's "Home" page.

Important notice: Each time when you open an email\template that contains a timer block in the editor Stripo reduces 1 monthly opens.

Monthly opens for the timer can also be additionally purchased as an add-on following the "Settings" "Billing" → "Subscriptions" → "Extra Services" section.

It costs $15 per 200k timer opens.

More about adjusting and styling Timer Block can be found in our blog.

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