How to purchase extra exports?

This article explains how to purchase additional exports if you've reached your limit.

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So, you have created your fancy email template, worked on the design, text, and images, and put a lot of effort into it. Now you need your audience to see this beauty in their inboxes.

With the "Export" functionality, your emails can be easily and quickly delivered to the place you need them for future sending:

  • Export to ESPs;

  • Export to email clients β€” Gmail and Outlook;

  • Export through Webhook and Zapier;

  • Downloading your email as AMP HTML or traditional HTML;

  • Downloading your email to your device as JPG, PNG, PDF, and so on.

Our help center has a list of articles where you can find information on synchronizing a Stripo account with your ESP account.

Each tariff plan has its own monthly export limit:

Perhaps you had a busy month with mailings and exhausted the entire supply of exports in the current month.

And what if you need to continue creating emails and then export them?

You can purchase additional exports in the "Billing"β†’ "Subscriptions" tab by switching to the "Extra Exports" in the extra service menu:

10 exports cost $5, which can be paid by credit card or PayPal method.

Important to mention: you can only buy exports in multiples of 10.

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