How to export email templates?

Following this article, you will learn how to send email templates from Stripo to your ESP (email service provider).

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After you have built an email template and tested it, ensuring that it is displayed correctly on real devices, it's time to export the finished email for mailing with ESPs.

How to export email templates?

  • Open the needed email template and click the "Export" button located above the template editing area;

  • Upon your click on it, you’ll see an additional window with all export options. They are divided into the "Email Provider," "Application," and "File" sections:

Stripo is currently integrated with over 70 ESPs (the number is constantly growing). In order to export

your email template from Stripo to an ESP of your choice, you need to synchronize your accounts once, and then the email will be pushed directly to your ESP.

In our help center we have a list of articles where you can find information on how to synchronize your Stripo account with your ESP account.

  • After you push an email template to an ESP or any other application, a new section called “Recently Used”, will appear in the “Export” window. It is developed for your convenience as it helps you find necessary export options faster.

After your email has been exported to your ESP, you will need to sign in there to send out this email to your contact base.

If your ESP is not on the list yet, you can always export/download it as an HTML file or archive, and then manually import/upload it to your marketing automation system.

Difference between the HTML file and HTML-archive:

When an email is exported as an HTML file, all images will be displayed as links to the servers where images are stored.

When an email is exported as an HTML archive, all images stored on our server will be saved to a separate folder in the archive. In the HTML archive, you will see the path to this folder but not to the server where images are stored.

In this article, you can read more about HTML exporting.

Furthermore, you have an opportunity to download your email template as a PDF file or as an Image. You can also push your email template to your platform through Zapier or Webhook; or push your emails to Gmail and Outlook to send over to your valued clients.

Please note that the FREE tariff plan is limited to 4 exports per month using only Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, HTML, PDF, Image, and Webhook.

Does Stripo also allow bulk export?

If you want to export a few email templates at once, you need to select them in your Stripo account, and in the upper option menu, click "Export". Then you will need to choose your export option.

Once you do it, all the selected email messages will be delivered to your ESP or downloaded to your device.

You can learn more about the bulk export functionality in our article.

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