Let's pretend you've finished the creation of a new bunch of Templates and are about to export it. Exporting one by one is no problem for 10 new Templates, however, if you've got 100 - the export issue could last for ages and takes away the most valuable resource - your time.

Stripo appreciates each Customer and wants them to avoid additional difficulties while using the Service. That was the reason why inventing the multiply export.

Now you can export all new Templates easily at once.

Lest proceed to step-by-step instruction:

1) Open your workplace area for Template and Email sections, hover the Template by cursor (please do not click on the template otherwise you just open the Template).

Find the small white window above the left corner of needed template (marked with green on the image) and tick/enable the check this window

2) Keep ticking on Templates you willing to export:

3) After finishing your choice - proceed to the top panel marked with green color and

find the export feature on the top:

4) Simply click on it and enable export pop-up window. Select the needed ESP or any other way of export suitable for you (export as image, HTML file, archive, HTML code etc):

5) Once all selected templates have been exported successfully - the status tab changes its color to green. This means you can check ESP draft folder (or any other specific folder that set by ESP you're using) local device download folder in case of exporting as image, HTML file, archive, HTML code, etc

Test new bulk export feature now and save more time for another valuable things. If any additional question appear - do not hesitate to contact us at support@stripo.email.

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