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(Plugin) What's the difference between Free, Startup, Business, and Enterprise plans?
(Plugin) What's the difference between Free, Startup, Business, and Enterprise plans?

In this article, you will find information about the fundamental differences between the Stripo Plugin tariff plans.

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The Stripo plugin is an editor which can be seamlessly integrated into your application to enhance email design and modification capabilities.

Stripo offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. Among these options, the "Startup", "Business", and "Enterprise" plan to stand out, each designed to cater to specific requirements. In this article, we will delve into and compare the key distinctions between Plugin plans, helping you make an informed choice that aligns with your email marketing goals.

Unique Emails Created Monthly:

Free Plan:

  • Allows for the creation of up to 100 unique emails per month. This plan is suitable for individuals or small-scale email marketing needs.

Startup Plan:

  • Offers the capacity to create up to 400 unique emails per month. It is designed for growing businesses and individuals with moderate email marketing demands.

Business Plan:

  • Provides to create up to 15,000 unique emails each month. This plan is tailored for established businesses with extensive email marketing requirements.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Offers unlimited unique emails. There are no restrictions on the number of emails you can create within a single month, making it ideal for large enterprises engaged in frequent and expansive email campaigns.

Important note, if you exceed the allocated email limit, you can purchase additional emails at a cost of $0.10 per email on the Startup plan and $0.02 on the Business plan.

Custom Blocks Creation:

Is available only for Business and Enterprise plans:

  • Provides with the ability to create custom blocks for their email designs, thereby ensuring their functionality to your needs, and efficiently controlling email layout, ultimately enhancing your email marketing efforts with a tailored touch.

Ability to Deploy Server Components:

Is available only for Enterprise Plan:

  • Provides with the opportunity to deploy all server components internally, offering complete control over their email marketing infrastructure, and ensuring data security by keeping it in-house. Perfect for organizations demanding full control over their email marketing infrastructure.

Template Gallery Access:

Free Plan:

  • Grants access to Basic templates only.

  • Suitable for users seeking cost-effective email marketing solutions.

Startup Plan:

  • Expands access to both Basic and Free templates in the template gallery.

  • Ideal for users looking for a wider range of templates for their email campaigns.

Business and Enterprise plans:

  • Provide access to Basic, Free and Premium templates in the template gallery.

  • These plans are suitable who are looking for professionally designed, high-quality templates to elevate the impact of their email marketing campaigns.

Countdown Timer Opens Per Month:

Free plan:

Startup Plan:

  • Allows for up to 500,000 countdown timer opens per month.

Business Plan:

  • Offers a substantial limit of up to 10,000,000 countdown timer opens per month.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Provides an even higher limit of up to 20,000,000 countdown timer opens per month.

Image storage:

Free Plan:

Startup Plan:

  • Provides a more generous image storage capacity of 200 GB.

For the Startup plan, additional storage of 100 GB comes at an extra cost of $10 per month.

Business Plan and Enterprise Plan:

  • Both the Business and Enterprise plans offer unlimited image storage capacity.

Important note, that these limits apply when utilizing Stripo's image storage.

However, if you choose to connect your own image storage, these limits will no longer be applicable.

Please be informed, that the paid subscription also includes the following options: Сustom UI styles, Stripo branding removal, Custom fonts, Version History, Autosave option, Undo-redo option, Support, and Service level agreement.

For more information please follow this link.

Furthermore, for a more in-depth understanding of the plugin and its customization options, we recommend referring to our comprehensive API documentation.

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