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(Plugin) Why can I not change the Settings Panel styles?
(Plugin) Why can I not change the Settings Panel styles?

This article provides valuable insights on safeguarding the settings panel's appearance against any third-party app's interference.

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You have customized the editor's appearance in accordance with your application's interface design in the "UI settings" β†’ "Interface Appearance Configuration" menu.

However, you noticed that the settings panel has a distorted appearance. The text color in my example appears as white, even though the UI settings indicate it should be black.

The reason for this occurrence is that your application's styles impact the editor's styles. Sometimes connecting the editor to applications that are also using Bootstrap CSS styles can cause a distorted look of the Plugin styles: components, alignment, etc.

In this case, you need to isolate the influence of your application styles on our editor by connecting it to iframe, or you should independently detect (using dev tools) which styles of your application affect the editor and change their scope (so that they do not work globally, but only for specific components).

If you require more options for managing the appearance of your styles, the Enterprise plan is the ideal choice. With this plan, you can host the entire front-end on your side and add your own CSS file, which will take precedence over our standard styles.


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