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(Plugin) Interface appearance configuration
(Plugin) Interface appearance configuration

This article describes how to personalize the plugin editor's interface settings and styles. White label solution.

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The "Interface Appearance" settings are available for paid plans only.

In this menu, you can configure the appearance of the Stripo Plugin to make it in the same style as your application.

In this menu, you can:

  • add a Custom font to the Plugin;

  • pick up a font-size as well as a font color;

  • set a primary color for primary buttons and active elements;

  • set a secondary color for secondary buttons, active tabs, accordions, and block headers;

  • add a panel background color of popovers and inactive tabs;

  • set a border color;

  • add border-radius values for buttons, input fields, toggle buttons/switchers, and drop-down lists;

  • remove the Stripo branding.

If you need more options for managing styles (appearance), then the Enterprise plan is what you need. There, you can host the entire front end on your side and add your own CSS file that will prevail over our standard styles.

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