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(Plugin) What is the Unique email's ID?
(Plugin) What is the Unique email's ID?

In this article, you will find out the meaning of unique email ID and how it counts.

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Every time, you can independently assign a unique email ID to each email template. It can be the same number ID or different.

So whenever you open an email with a new unique ID, we count it as new.

When you send this unique email to many people, it's whatever will be counted as one email in the editor. 

This mandatory parameter allows us to track how many unique emails you have created in a prepaid period.

You can control the unique number of your unique email IDs on your own. So, if you create a new email with another unique ID, you will see number 2 in the "Home" menu.

Just notice that if you assign one unique ID to a few emails, the auto-saving feature won't work, and you can't save images correctly because, in settings, the folder path directly connects with the email ID.

If you make changes to an email template with an already assigned ID, it won't count toward the billing month. But if you edit/modify the same email ID in the next billing month, the email ID will be counted again since a new billing period has begun.

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