We want to pay your attention that Stripo. email has direct integration with more than 70 ESPs.

To see all available exports click the Export button, which is located above the template:

Stripo Developer`s team is doing their best to simplify your work and decrease your headache from playing around with HTML code export and further import it in needed ESPs.

Acknowledge of available Exports quantity is crucial for Campaign creators. So the information about exact quantity of available exports is placed right in the Export window that appears (pop-ups) each time when you press green export button.

The available exports renew once a month according to your subscription plan.

Please be advised the Free subscription plan allows you to have 4 exports available monthly. And Exports will be renewed each time after 30 days (depends on the number of days in a given month) from the registration date of your account.

For example if you have created your account on June, 8

and have got 4 exports right after registration, the next 4 you should expect not earlier than on July, 8.

Of course, it could happen, some months could be too tough and 4 free exports, probably, will not cover all your needs. The solution could be to upgrade your billing plan to the paid plan (annual or monthly).

If upgrading is not possible for you for some reasons, please send us a request to support@stripo.email and we will be happy to find the best solution for you.

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