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1) When you see the notification that your email is being exported, but it has not been delivered yet, it usually means that there’s a new pop-up window for authorization (for instance, if you have not entered your credentials for Mailchimp, Gmail, Braze, etc.) which is “hidden” behind the primary window in the settings panel.

For example, it's a screenshot of the MailChimp pop-up window for authorization, which opened outside the main browser window.

If this is the case, please find the additional pop-up window, enter your credentials for synchronizing Stripo with your ESP account — and your email will be delivered to this ESP immediately.

2) Also, sometimes the template is not delivered to your account when you’ve built a banner and tried to export your email before the banner has been generated.

In this case, you need to wait until the banner is generated completely in your email template and try to export the template one more time.

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