You have an opportunity to use our image libraries to upload and store images.

By default, when you click on the empty image block on your email/template, you will see 4 folders:

  • Message

  • Project

  • Common

  • Stock

The message (or template if you work in the template) folder allows you to add images directly to this folder and they will be stored only in the current email message/template.

The Project folder allows you to upload images and they will be stored for all email messages (current and for future creation) that you use in the current project.

The Common folder you can use for some specific events. It has a lot of different sections with appropriate texts and images. You can choose any needed topic for the displaying in the tab.

The Stock folder you can use for searching images based on the word and then add it in the image block.

In such a way, you can use the Message and Project folders to store, upload, delete and change the images as in the "small gallery" and use the folders as your own storage.

The Common and Stock folders will be available for all the templates and emails messages. You can also add and remove images in the Common folder. But you cannot add or change images in the Stock folder.

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