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What is the difference between images saved to Template and Project folders?
What is the difference between images saved to Template and Project folders?

You will learn how to upload images to Stripo, including the distinction between "template" and "project" folders.

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At Stripo, you can upload images and save them to our online storage. But what if you use a lot of images? How can you organize them in your storage?

For this case, each individual template and email has its own folder for images.

When you are uploading an image to a template, you can save it in two ways:

  • Save it only for a particular email message, using the folder Template (or Message if it’s an email message);

  • Save it for the entire project, using the folder Project;

If you save an image in the Template folder, it will be available in the list of images only for that current template. It’s useful if you are adding an image just to one specific template:

If you put an image into the Project folder, you will see it available in all project templates. You can save an image here if you are going to use it in many email messages and templates of this project:

Tip: Here, by the word project, we imply a kind of general folder for templates and email messages, where some default settings can be specified. Learn more

But what if you don't have the necessary images? In the Common folder, you will find our collection of images. Choose a topic of interest and find an image suitable for your template:

You can find much more free images in the Stock folder. Try searching for a particular image by entering a keyword in the search field:

Whenever you're uploading an image, you can make it available for one template/email message or for the entire project.

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