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(Plugin) Image gallery. Folders configuration
(Plugin) Image gallery. Folders configuration

In this article, you will learn how to configure folders for images to separate customer data.

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You choose how many image folders your users will see while working on emails.

For example, below, you may see 3 folders in the Image Gallery called "Email", "Project", and "Common".

These folders were created and configured on the Plugin details page this way:

In this section, you can manage:

  • the number of folders;

  • their names. You have the option to specify what names a created folder should have in every supported language;

  • the path to images that should be stored in each folder;

  • and also, you can grant respective permissions.

You can specify the dynamic folder path to the repository and insert into it the variables that may be taken from your end when the Stripo editor is initialized.

For example, if you want to separate the images of one email template from another, you can create the "Email" folder and specify its path as email_${emailId}.

When initializing the Plugin, you have to pass the emailId value (e.g., 00000) among the parameters in the apiRequestData:

As a result, the Plugin will get the images from the "00000" folder (this folder will be automatically created on a configured server if it does not exist yet).


Below, you can specify the maximum size of one image uploaded to the Gallery. The maximum size is 20 Mb.

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