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How to move/copy email templates to another project/account?
How to move/copy email templates to another project/account?

In this article, you can find 2 ways how to transfer or duplicate templates/email messages to another Stripo project/account.

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Sometimes, it happens that we need to share an existing email template with a colleague or transfer it for correction to another project, so let's see how we can move and copy email templates.

There are 2 ways to move/copy your email message/template to another account in Stripo.

The first solution:

With the "Medium", "Pro" and "Prime" price plans, you can invite extra users to your account, and they will be able to move/copy the necessary email templates to their own account.

You can read the instructions on how to invite additional users to your account here.

By clicking on the ellipsis, you will see the menu bar with options to "Move to Project".

Click on it and choose the desired Project where you want your email templates to be moved.

Moreover, you can do multiple actions with email messages, templates and folders, which allows you to copy and move several email templates or folders to another Project at the same time. During work with large projects, it will help you to significantly reduce the time for managing objects inside the project.

The second solution:

Share your own email template, a copy of which can be edited and saved by any user who follows the link from the "Share" menu.

Click on the "Share" button and activate the "Allow copying and editing" option.

The email template and its modules will be available for copying and use. The original email template will not be changed.

It means that your colleague can press the "Sign in to Save" button and save the email template to his own account for future editing.

Important to note: the "Share" option is available only for paid plans.

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