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How to copy/move and delete template elements?
How to copy/move and delete template elements?

In this article, you can learn how to duplicate, transfer, and remove any elements in your email template in the Stripo editor.

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If you want to make some changes with stripes, structures, containers, or blocks: copy, delete, or move some of them, you could make it very simple with Stripo editor.

Hover your mouse over any object in the email template and a three-dot button will pop-up:

  • For copying, you could use the "copy" button;

  • For moving some elements, click on the "move" icon and transfer it;

  • To delete just click on the "trash-basket";

Important to note: the editor doesn't allow deleting a single structure inside the stripe if there are no other structures in the given stripe. You can only delete the entire Stripe with this structure.

Moreover, you can save the container, structure or stripe layout as a module and use it in other email templates.

To find more details about module configuration, please follow this link.


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