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In this article, you can find information about the Share button and how to generate a share link, and additional options.

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Sometimes, it happens that we need to share an existing email template with colleagues and get feedback from them, the Share option will help us with this.

Please enter the email message/template you'd like to divide and press the "Share" button at the top:

You can copy the unique URL for this template and give this URL to anyone you want to exchange the template with. Also, you can perform a direct share on Facebook, Twitter, or mail.

You can also split the links not only on social networks but also with your colleagues/customers/on your website.

Please, be aware, that if you edit the template/email message in Stripo, all the changes will be visible also at the link simultaneously.

There is an ability to include Desktop and Mobile previews of the message that will be available to users via the link.

There is also the ability to divide your own email message/template, a copy of which can be edited and saved by any user who followed the link from the "Share" menu.

It means that your colleague can press on the "Sign in to Save" button and save the email template to his own account for future editing.

Besides, you can select additional options before dividing the link. Please toggle on "Show source code" to have an HTML code available for editing and saving in a shared template.

Another feature of sharable email templates is providing others with rendering tests of your template. Please toggle on "Include results of the test" to show how your email template renders on multiple devices. Results of the test will be available if the email has been previously tested. Please note this feature is available on paid plans only. Learn more about the Extra Email Clients Tests here.

Also, you have an opportunity to let anyone with the link share your email template to their social networks. Please enable "Social sharing" to make it available.

If you do not want to see our Stripo branding logo at the bottom of the preview

then enable the "Remove Stripo Branding" control

If you previously applied Content Display Conditions to your email, then a special button will be added to the preview. With this button, you can see how the email will look when different conditions are applied. This function has been added everywhere where link preview works.

Please be advised, that the "Share" functionality is available only for the paid plans.

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