The "Display conditions" parameter allows you to dynamically change the content of the email/template displayed to recipients after mailing, depending on whether the specified condition is met or not.

In the project settings, you can enable the additional function "Content display conditions".

When the " Content display conditions" option is activated, a new "Create condition" tab appears on the editor settings panel.

Here you can set up the conditions for the email/template that will be applied in your email service provider during sending of the emails. In the "Create condition" tab, you can see the following list of parameters that need to be filled in:

This option allows you to change the content of the emails displayed to recipients based on the specified conditions.

Please note that different email services use their own conditional comments for displaying personalized content based on a condition. Our editor just allows adding merge-tags and conditional comments into the body of an email template. In the process of sending an email service that you use for sending should find and replace the conditional comments in the code with real content.

If for some reason, the email service doesn't handle the conditional comments in the process of sending, you can try to request more information from their support and specify there if the right format for the comments has been used.

After all the variables have been added and the condition is saved, open your email/template, select the place where the conditions should be applied (it can be a container, structure, stripe), and just select a value from the pop-up list.

Let's look at an example.

Let's say you would like to add different information to display in the email for men and women. To do this, create a New condition in the project settings.

After the condition is saved, you can open the email and add this condition as it is described above.

In the preview mode in the editor, you will be able to see a new control that will allow you to see the email in compliance with the display conditions. Please, be aware that the final check of the display conditions is possible only from a real mail client in the client's mail account.

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