How to preview email templates?

In this article, you will learn how to check email templates before sending

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You can use a preview mode to make sure that your email template looks the way you intended both on desktop and mobile devices.

There are three ways to preview an email template with Stripo.

So to enter the Preview mode, you need to:

  • Click the three dots (ellipsis) and choose the “Preview” option, if you are in your account;

  • A new window will be opened showing a preview of the desktop and the mobile versions;

  • Click the “Preview” button if you are right in the editor;

  • When you do it, you will see a new window with the two versions of your email: The desktop and the mobile ones. Scroll down the necessary version to see the entire email;

  • Furthermore, by using the preview feature, you can get a shareable link (aka View in browser link).

To get this link, click on the “Copy Link” button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then send this link over to your colleagues.

Please, be aware, that if you edit the template/email message in Stripo, all the changes will be visible also at the link simultaneously.

  • Press the "Share" button if you are right in the editor.

Using this functionality, you can copy the unique URL for this email template and give this URL to anyone you want to exchange the template with.

What is the advantage of this functionality?

With the "Share" functionality, you can enable additional options to the preview mode. For example: Allow copying/editing, Show source code, Desktop/Mobile Preview Code

Opening Advanced Share Controls, you can Include Results of Email Client Testing, Enable Social Sharing, Remove Stripo Branding

To know more about these options, please read our separate article.

Please be advised that the "Share" functionality is available only for paid plans.

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