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Our marketing team sends emails with promotions, such emails should be sent to your Stripo registration address, but if you do not receive such emails at the moment, then no special promotions are available at this time.

In this case, you can get two months for free when switching to an annual subscription to any available tariff plan.

  • To do this, please go to "Settings" β†’ "Billing" β†’ "Subscriptions" and reach the "Change plan" button;

  • Then, switch to the "Save 20% Billed Annually" tab and choose the desired subscription;

  • Let's take a look closer; the "Basic" monthly plan costs $15 per month. If we pay this tariff monthly, we will pay $180 per year;

  • At the same time, it is much more profitable for you to immediately pay for an annual "Basic" subscription for $150;

It is not difficult for us to calculate that we will save $30, which in turn equals two months.

  • Besides, you can make your payment by bank card or by PayPal;

  • Also, we can issue an invoice with our STRIPO INC banking details (Wells Fargo Bank), but this is available only for the annual subscription. If you want to get an invoice, please contact us at

If you are an educational or nonprofit organization, you may receive special conditions for Stripo editor use, to get all the information contact us by mail.

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