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Could I make a payment by bank transfer?
Could I make a payment by bank transfer?

In this article, you will find out what data is required for an invoice with bank transfer creation and an example of payment confirmation.

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If you want to pay for a subscription via bank transfer, we can issue an invoice with STRIPO INC banking details (Wells Fargo Bank). I.e., you will have to pay an additional SWIFT fee.

Due to this reason, only an annual subscription can be paid for these accounts.

To generate an invoice, we need:

  • a full name and address of your company;

  • a name of the tariff plan to form the price;

  • an email address is tied to your Stripo account that you want to upgrade/prolongate;

  • an email address you want the invoice will be sent to.

We work without contracts; in case of registration and payment for our product, you can get an invoice with all the necessary details at any time.

The same document includes the following:

Please note that payment according to this invoice at the same time is the confirmation of performed works, delivered services, and final mutual installments between Parties without any additional documents. Also, it is to acknowledge that Parties have no claims to each other.

To find the bill, just go to the "Billing" menu and download the necessary documents in the "Payments History" section.

You can see the invoice example below:

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