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How to switсh from a personal account to a shared one?
How to switсh from a personal account to a shared one?

In this article, you will find out how to get access to the Shared project.

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Imagine you're running a design agency and having a team of talented designers, establishing a unified paid account in Stripo can be a transformative solution. Here's why:

⁃ By creating this shared account, you're essentially providing your team with a central platform for seamless collaboration. It eliminates the need to manage multiple individual accounts, streamlining everything your team requires into one location.

⁃ With a shared account, inviting your colleagues becomes effortless, enabling all your teammates to collaborate on email projects effectively. This facilitates the exchange of ideas, designs, and feedback with ease.

⁃ Moreover, once your colleagues move from personal to shared accounts, they gain access to the enhanced capabilities of paid features. This empowers your team with a broader set of tools, supercharging your design efforts.

How to switсh from a personal account to a shared one?

Instructions for moving from a personal account to a shared one entail the following steps:

  • First, navigate to an existing project. This can be found in the top left corner under the "Personal" tab;

  • Proceed to switch to the "Shared" tab and select one of the requisite project(s) from the dropdown list;

  • You have now successfully moved to a shared account. Enjoy opening the door to a world of paid functions and features.

In essence, creating a shared account with Stripo empowers your design agency to work together seamlessly, access premium features, and craft exceptional email templates that leave a lasting impact. It's the ultimate tool for efficient and effective collaborative design.

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