How to export an email template as an image?

In this article, you can find more information on exporting email templates as an image.

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To export your email template as an Image, you need to:

  • Open an email template and click the "Export" button, which is located above the email template, then find the "Image" icon;

  • Select the desired image width:

- desktop - the size of the desktop version of your email template;

- mobile - the size of the mobile version of your email template;

  • Then select the Image file format (.jpg or .png) and the MIME version of the email template (HTML or AMPHTML);

  • Also, you can include the "Subject and Preheader" in the image file;

  • To add them please navigate to the "Settings" button;

  • Click the "Export" button; the image file will be exported to the "Downloads" folder;

Please be advised that when you export the email template as an image, you'll download both versions of the image (desktop and mobile) at the same time. The same works both with HTML and AMPHTML.

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