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To export your email template as a PDF file, you need to:

  • Open an email template and click the "Export" button, which is located above the email template, then find the "PDF" icon;

  • In the dropdown menu, pick the desired "Page size";

  • Then choose the "MIME version" of the email message: HTML / AMPHTML;

When AMPHTML - means your email template contains AMP content like an accordion, carousel, feedback form, or another AMP element.

  • Also, you can include the "Subject and Preheader" in your PDF file if you have entered them before in the "Settings" menu;

  • Additionally, you can display "Email name and Sender email";

  • "Make it public in the project". Other participants in your project will be able to export the email messages to the account you added.

  • After clicking the "Export" button; the PDF file will be exported to the "Downloads" folder of your browser;

Please refer to our video for more information:

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