If you are going to send Campaigns that you want to track with Google Analytics, you will need to use special UTM parameters.

You can put UTM-tags in the email template and these UTM parameters will be applied to all the links that you’ve used in your email.

With Stripo, you set them easily. So for doing this, you need to:

  • Click the settings panel;

  • and enable UTM tags;

  • then you should write UTM-parametrs for analytics which will be able to recognize and evaluate them.

You can read more about UTM-tags on the Internet.
For example - https://www.hallaminternet.com/setting-campaign-url-tagging-google-analytics/

Besides, you have ability to add your own custom UTM-tags. To do that just give a name and paste a specific UTM-tag/value.

Important to note:
The UTM parameters that you set with Stripo will prevail over the ones that your ESP sets for your email marketing campaign.

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