How to export an email template to Amazon SES?

In this article, you can find more information on exporting email templates from Stripo to Amazon SES.

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To export your email template from Stripo directly to Amazon SES, you need to:

  • Open an email template and click the "Export" button, which is located above the email template, then click on Email Provider and find the "Amazon SES" icon;

  • Enter your Export account name (you can give any), API Key, Secret Key, and select your region from the drop-down list; click the "Export" button;

You will find the API Key and Secret in your Amazon account. Please, refer to the Access Keys documentation in the AWS General Reference.

Your instance is displayed in the URL link of the main Amazon SES account page.

Important to note. To be able to export email templates to the Amazon SES, your Amazon account should have at least 4 permissions:

  1. GetSendQuota;

  2. CreateTemplate;

  3. UpdateTemplate;

  4. GetTemplate.

  • Your email template will be delivered to the "Configuration" β†’ "Email Templates" menu;

  • To find your template in your AWS account, you should click on "Services" β†’ "Amazon Simple Email Service";

  • If you export the template more than once, you will see the following pop-up notification where you are asked to choose whether you'd like to export your newsletter as a new one or replace an existing one (the GetTemplate permission required);

In addition, we added the ability to change the email template's name when re-exporting. To do this, you need to re-export the email by clicking on "As a new one", and after that, you will have the opportunity to change its name.

Troubleshooting part:

*If during the export process, you have received the error Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidTemplate;, as in the screenshot:

please, try to double-check the correctness of all dynamic tags in your email template.

Important to note: currently, when exporting email templates directly to Amazon SES, there are some restrictions on the email template's name since characters that differ from 8-bit characters and spaces in the email template name/title are not supported.

Thereby, some signs or emojis will be removed, and spaces will be replaced with underscores.

  • For example, if your email template is named as New message 18 !:)-;'"πŸ˜‹ ;

It will appear as "New_message_18_-" in Amazon SES.

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