Why cannot I upload an image?

In this article we will describe possible issues with uploading images.

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If you're having a difficulty uploading an image to Stripo, it is likely that the image isn't supported by the editor. In this article, we'll look at possible issues with uploading images and describe how to check if an image is suitable for use in the editor.

What images can be used in the Stripo editor?

Stripo only supports JPG, PNG, or GIF image formats. The resolution of an image must not exceed 4000x4000 pixels. The image weight cannot be more than 3 MB.

If you are receiving an error when uploading a file, it could mean that the image doesn't match one of these parameters.

Сheck the resolution and weight of the image:

The resolution and weight can be easily checked in your file system. If you have Windows, please right-click on the file and select Properties:

For macOS, please right-click and select Get Info:

You can also use free online services. For example, the service Jimpl allows you to upload an image and check its properties.

Check the true format of a file:

The most common problem with uploading images is that the name of a file contains the wrong file format.

For example, a file named image.png may not be a real PNG image but a WebP image.

To check if an image has the WebP format, we can use free online tools. For example, the aforementioned Jimpl shows the actual file format. In my example, I’ve uploaded a WebP file named image.PNG, as in the screenshot:

If it happens so that your picture has the WebP format, you can always convert it to the required format. Some image editors can do that.

There are also free online converters, for example, Cloud Convert allows you to convert files from WebP to JPG or PNG.

Another common problem is that sometimes JPG files have a JFIF extension. In this case, you can just manually rename the JFIF file by removing the .jfif part from the name and adding .jpg instead. Both on Windows and macOS, you ought to right-click on the file and select the option Rename:

Or you can simply use online file converters, as in the case with WebP files.

Issues with custom image storage:

If your team has set up its own image storage in the Stripo account, then it may also have issues with uploading images. In this case, you will most likely see the following error:

If you are having this error, please take a look at our guide for custom image storage configuration to find a possible issue with the storage.

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