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How do I get a plain text version of my email?
How do I get a plain text version of my email?

In this article, you can find more information about email plain text version.

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What is a plain text email?

It is just an email message with simple text. The text cannot be formatted. Links cannot be embedded (meaning they will not be "hidden" in words, but you can add them close to the anchor words). You are not even able to apply colors to your copy.

Some companies still prefer this type of email because of no rendering issues — it works well across absolutely all email clients.

But with today’s modern email clients, there is no reason to send a plain text-only email.

Why? Because writing an HTML email, you can make it more interactive and eye-catching. It can be a solid strategy for connecting with your intended audience.

If you still need a plain-text version, unfortunately, the Stripo editor cannot generate a plain text-only version of your email templates.

However, we have great news for you:

Most ESPs (email service providers) will be able to convert the plain text version for you.

It means that after exporting to ESP, there will be an opportunity to generate a plain text version.

For example, Campaign Monitor supports such a service. Please click here for more details.

By the way, if you are using an ESP that does not provide this service, here are some external tools you can try:

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