AMP for email allows senders to include AMP components inside rich engaging emails, making modern app functionality available within email. The AMP email format provides a subset of AMPHTML components for use in email messages, that allows recipients of AMP emails to interact dynamically with content directly in the message.

How to test AMP emails with Stripo

Given that AMP emails are dynamic, and we need to check if they work well, running a screenshot test will not be enough. So we need to send test emails to our email addresses and open those emails both on mobile and desktop devices.

To be able to send test emails from Stripo to Gmail, you need to enable us to send test emails to your account.

If this is your personal account, you need to:

  • in Gmail, go to the settings panel — click the "Settings" icon;

  • in the dropdown menu, click the "Settings" section;

Building AMP Emails with Stripo_Settings in Gmail

  • in the new window, in the "General" section, find the "Dynamic content" and open the "Developer settings";

Building AMP Emails_Enabling Dynamic Content for Gmail

Adding Stripo As Trusted Sender in Gmail

  • click save.

If this is your corporate account with Workspace (formerly G-Suite), you need to:

Ask your manager to enable "Dynamic emails" for you. And then you will only need to add our address to receive test AMP-powered emails from Stripo.

Please, be advised: The changes come into effect within 24 hours.

How to export AMP email to your ESP?

Stripo allows exporting emails directly to certain ESPs. You just export them as regular emails.

Export AMP emails to ESPs_List of ESPs that Support AMP

If your ESP does support AMP, but we have not enabled direct export of AMP emails, you just may download your email as the AMP HTML file. And open it in your ESP.

Downloading AMP emails to Import in ESPs

Those recipients whose email clients do no support AMP will see the traditional HTML email; while those whose email clients do support AMP, will see your sophisticated emails.

Please be advised, that AMP elements it's a new feature and not all possible email services and clients support it.

Here is an official Google page Here you can check which email support services send AMP emails and which email providers have AMP support content.

Word of advice

Here's just a friendly reminder. To be able to send AMP content, you need to:

  • get whitelisted with Google,, and Yahoo;

  • fix all the bugs if any occurs. You will see them in the Preview mode (otherwise users will see HTML email);

  • add the fallback — HTML version — in this email;

  • make sure that your ESP/CRM is capable of sending AMP emails;

  • keep in mind that currently Gmail, Yahoo, and are capable of rendering AMP emails both on the web and on mobile apps;

  • AMP emails lose their AMP components if you forward them.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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