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How to add the feedback form to my email?
How to add the feedback form to my email?

In this article, you can find instructions about creation custom feedback form to your Stripo email using AMP forms.

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AMP for email allows senders to include AMP components inside rich, engaging emails, making modern app functionality available within the email. The AMP email format provides a subset of AMPHTML components for use in email messages, allowing recipients of AMP emails to interact dynamically with content directly in the message.

Emails written with AMP can contain interactive elements such as: an image carousel or accordions, feedback forms, real-time content, the type of content that is always up-to-date/updated in the email when the email is opened, or gamification.

Let's take a closer look at the AMP-form block:)

AMP-form is very useful for those who would like to receive feedback or any other useful information from their clients.

How to build AMP-feedback forms with Stripo?

There are several ways how to build it in the Stripo Editor:

Way 1. Using Stripo's Form-block:

  • drag the AMP-form block into your email template;

  • click on the ⚡HTML icon in the template to open its settings;

  • in the settings panel, you should select your service for collecting data created earlier (or add a link to the storage manually);

  • then click the "Add form element" and select "Text input";

  • there you can choose Text, Multi-line text, Number, Email, or Phone type;

Important note:

Difference between "Text" and "Multi-line text":

If you choose the "Text" type - your recipient's response can only be written in one paragraph

If you choose the "Multiple Text" type - your recipient's response can be written in multiple lines. So, when you press an "Enter" button on your keyboard, you will be moved to a new line.

  • click on the "Label name" in the form to start editing it;

  • in the settings panel, in the "Show input field name" field, enter your CTA text that starts the form;

  • enter your "Placeholder".

How can I find out which customer left a comment?

For doing this, you should:

  • click on the ⚡HTML icon in your template;

  • then add a form element and select the "Hidden field". This field will be hidden in user emails;

  • paste a "Default value" in the field. The default value is the merge tag that retrieves the respondent's email address.

To find more information about Merge-tags, please follow this link;

  • then enter a name for your "Variable"this will just help you find your user's feedback in the report faster. The variable can only be written in Latin.

How can I design the AMP-form block?

To design this form, you need to:

  • to design the form itself, click on the "AMP-form" and in the "Settings panel", set label/input color and style, input height, add a background with a shadow, and set a border;

  • to design a button in the form, click on it and set the button label, text type and color, button color, border radius, borders, alignment, set background color, and add an icon to the button;

  • click the green area in your template and edit the text right there. Color for each section — by default, they are green and red — and text color should be set in the settings panel.

Result in the preview:

Way 2. Using Stripo's pre-built AMP modules:

  • Go to the "General modules" section, click the category selector, and choose the "AMP" and "NPS AMP Modules" categories;

What does NPS mean?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken by asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others on a scale of 0-10—but there’s a lot more to the story than that.

  • Choose the more suitable module for you and drag the AMP-feedback module into your email template;

  • Edit the module's content as you need.

How can I configure the NPS AMP modules?

If you want to use the NPS AMP module but don't know how to do it, don't worry; every module has instructions on configuring it at the top.

Please take a look:

Important to note:

You will see this element will have the “⚡HTML” sign near it. This element will be shown in AMP emails only and hidden in email clients that do not support AMP.

For other users, you need to build a fallback: this could be an image with a link to the site where a customer can leave feedback.

Remember to enable them for the "HTML" version of your email only, you need to turn on this option:

All other elements of your emails should be enabled for both versions of your email.

Way 3. Using Stripo's prepared AMP templates with feedback forms:

To find all prepared AMP templates follow this link.

So, to build AMP-feedback forms by using our prepared templates, you need to:

  • pick the one that meets your current campaign's needs best. The templates are placed in the "AMP Form" category;

  • sign in to save and to work with it;

  • find this template in your account;

  • edit email content.

Way 4. Add a link to the Google-feedback form:

Please be informed that you can use this as a fallback option; for example, if you don't want to add AMP elements to the email, this option will be much more suitable for you.

So firstly, you need to:

Create a Google form outside of Stripo Editor, get a link, and then add this link to any element in the email.

For example, it can be a text/ button/ image block. Let's consider a button block:

After that: When clicking on the link, the recipient will be redirected to the Google Forms page, where they will be able to leave their feedback.

Important note:

Almost all ESPs and email client rejects sending emails that contain any of the following tags: <script>, <iframe> and any of the following events: SJ “onerror”, “onunload”, etc..

This is due to the possibility of adding malicious code and the fact that most the ESPs and email clients do not support scripts.

Creating a new Data Service

After you create the Feedback form, you should configure your server to handle the requests of recipients, more details on how to configure data service can be found in our article.

How to test AMP emails?

  • You can test it in your Gmail box when you send the test from Stripo:

  • You should go into your mailbox settings in Gmail and turn on the option to receive dynamic content;

  • Please delete all the test emails (for that current email, if you tested it before) that you sent earlier and send the test again.

After all these steps, you will be able to test displaying your AMP emails.

After you've tested the emails and made sure it's ready to send, let's look at the option to export AMP emails:

How to export AMP emails?

Important to note: not all possible email services and clients support AMP functionality.

Here is an official Google page

Here you can check which email support services send AMP emails and which email providers have AMP support content.

Currently, this is the list of ESPs that do support sending of AMP emails:

In order to export a finished AMP email, please click on the Export button in the Stripo editor, choose "AMP support", and you will be able to export directly the AMP email to your ESP.

If you see that your ESP is not listed but it supports AMP technology, then you should export the email as AMP HTML — this export method saves the scripts that are appropriate for the MIME-type. Import this file into the ESP that supports Google AMP for emails.

Please be informed that only 4 email clients (GMAIL, YAHOO, MAIL.RU, FAIREMAIL) support displaying AMP content as recipients.

Getting Whitelisted with Google and Yahoo

If you want to make your own sending, your mail should be white-listed in the Google/Yahoo service, so now I will tell you how to do it in just a few steps.

To get whitelisted with Gmail and Yahoo, you need to:

This form is designed for both mail services that support AMP.

After submitting the registration form, you will see the following notification:

You will not receive any other notification from Google or Yahoo until you are whitelisted.

To find the whole instruction, we wrote an article and covered it in great detail How to Whitelist Google for Sending AMP Emails: Sharing Our Experience.

Please read it if you are determined to go through it.

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles. We hope you will find this information helpful.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at

We would be glad to talk with you.

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