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If you are faced with a situation when you are viewing an email template in the mail client and it is displayed incorrectly, then this may be an explanation.

Let's imagine a situation: You have an account (email address) registered in the Outlook mail client, but only the Gmail app is installed on your phone. Now you want to check your email template there through a special program that allows you to connect several mail addresses to one account.

In this case, the appearance of the email template could be disturbed. Mailboxes that are connected through such programs - are not Gmail mailboxes and therefore do not support responsive styles (media queries).

As a result, the Gmail app will display the desktop version of the email template on mobile devices rather than the responsive one.

Please pay your attention to the screenshot below:

(we sent a test to our outlook email address and open the email in the Gmail mobile app)

As you can see, images are not displayed, there is no background image at all, and the email template is not responsive; that is, the desktop version of the email message is displayed.

This may be due to the fact that the email client:

  • doesn't support Embedded Styles in the HTML code;

  • doesn't support Background Images;

  • doesn't support media queries;

  • and the rest are not supported options which you can check in this article.

So what should we do in such a situation?

Just check the email template directly in that email client to which your account registered. For example, if you have a Gmail email address, then test it directly in the Gmail app; and Outlook email address - test directly in the Outlook app.

(we sent a test to our Gmail email address and also opened in the Gmail mobile app)

As you can see, the email is displayed as expected.

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