An email-signature is a block of text that is automatically inserted to the end of an email message you send.

It is often called as email footer. It provides a recipient with information about your company as your name, logo, email address, contact information, social links, etc..

Stripo offers several ways to create signatures in our editor:

1. create a signature from scratch using the basic blocks and structures of the editor. Just drag a structure with needed number of containers and fill them with the necessary blocks as text, image, social blocks, etc..

2. choose one of signatures from our Pre-built modules. Use the filter to find the category of footers

3. pick up one of our pre-built templates that contain signatures. We have a lot of different templates in unique designs, so you have an ability to choose a signature in desired design

There are some our examples:

(we use these examples from the Women's and Valentine's days templates)

So we have picked up the signature and now we need to customize it to our designers and content needs. We replaced the info and contact information with ours and upload our logo.

Done, our signature is ready, now we can save the signature in our modules and use it in the future for all your emails.

For doing this just choose needed structure/stripe and press the Save button

then add the name of it and you will get in into your modules for future use.

Besides, if you want your signature to be left-centered, select a stripe with your signature, open a code editor and change center align

to left align

Now your signature is ready for HTML export. After export you can put the code to needed service for future using.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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