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How to create an email-signature?
How to create an email-signature?

In this article, you will learn how to add a block with personal contact information, also known as an email signature.

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A good way of presenting contact information in emails is to create an individual block with its own unique design for that purpose. Such a block is called an email signature.

An email with a beautiful signature looks professional. And here at Stripo, you can easily create an email signature from scratch by using our basic blocks or choosing a ready-to-use signature as a draft.

Creating a new signature by using Stripo’s basic blocks:

  • Let's add a structure with two containers by dragging it into the email;

  • Add an "image" block to the right container and upload your company’s logo there:

  • Then create a column with contact information in the left container. Add "text blocks" as well as a block "Social" there;

  • Fill the column with contact details, and add links to social networks;

  • Now align the content, then add some paddings, add a background, and other styles you like more;

  • Done;

  • Now we can save the signature as a module and use it in other emails. Select the entire structure, hover the mouse over three dots to the right and click "Save as Module";

  • Give your module a name and click the green "Save" button;

  • Now you can find the signature in your modules list.

Creating a new signature by using a pre-built module:

If you would like to create a signature based on the pre-built module, then feel free to use our library of modules.

  • Open the "Modules" panel. Go to the "General" tab. Select only the category "Signature";

  • Add one of the signatures to your email template;

  • Replace the existing data with your own;

Tip: In order to move a signature aside, select the signature’s stripe, open the code editor, and set the value left or right for the tag align, as on the screenshot:

  • Now you can save the finished signature as a new module.

Creating a new signature based on a prepared template:

Beautiful signatures can be found not only in the list of modules but also in email templates created by our designers.

  • When creating a new email or template, open the tab "Prepared templates". Each of these templates has its own unusual design;

  • Select the templates type "Signature", as on the screenshot;

In order to look closely at a template’s signature, hover your mouse over the template and click on the icon of "eye" to open the preview mode for the template;

  • This way, you can take a look at signatures and find a necessary design;

  • Customize the selected signature with your contact details as we customize the pre-built module above.

How to export this signature to add it to mail clients?

  • Click on the green "Export" button;

  • Choose the "HTML" export;

  • After that, open the exported HTML file in any text editor (notepad, WordPad) and copy/paste this code to your mail client as a signature, following the instructions of the mail client.

Great announcement: Stripo has already added a signature generator to our platform.
Please check it here.

Also, more details about our new product are at this link.

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles. We hope you will find this information helpful.

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