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Why are symbols added to the template replaced in the code editor?
Why are symbols added to the template replaced in the code editor?

This article explains why the code editor altered template symbols.

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Let's image the situation that you add a dynamic link to a template, for example like this one - <%/InsertIf%> and the symbols "<" , ">" were replaced to "&lt;" and "&gt;" in the code editor, so what is the solution to prevent it?

It's pretty easy, we can offer you 2 ways:

1) make this dynamic link as a merge tag, for doing this go to the Project settings

scroll to the "Merge tags" item, click on the "+" button and insert your custom merge tag.

After that, come back to your email, the selected merge tags will be displayed in the formatting panel of the "Text" basic block, just choose the needed one.

Important to note:

Please be advised, the merge tags symbols won't be replaced in the HTML-code only after the export. In the code editor, you will see them the same way.

2) for the second solution you can use Conditions.

You will see the third "Conditions" tab on the settings panel when selecting containers, structures or stripes in the editor.

In this tab, you will have the opportunity to write the condition from scratch or select a condition from the list of conditions which you created before in the Project settings

In this case, the symbols will remain the same in the HTML-code.

So the last thing, all symbols won't be replaced after export to the HTML if you add them as merge tags or conditions.

Please mail us if you still have any questions.

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