If you see such an error during export to Klaviyo, the problem can be due to the custom font that was used in the email/template.

To check it you should open the "project settings" of your account. Press on the name of your project near the profile icon and choose the project settings, as it is shown on the screenshot.

After that, please find below the Font management section and find connected earlier custom font.

To check the settings of it please click on the "pencil" icon

Please, be aware, that in the FontURL section the link should be always related to the CSS path, so if you have another type of link that can be the reason for the issue.

For example, on the screenshot below you can see the wrong type of the link which is not workable and it's easy to check.

In the case, if the font is correctly connected, when you copy this link and open it in the browser, you will see such information.

If the font was connected in the wrong way and used URL is unsuitable, you will see an error in the browser:

Here you can see the example of the correct link for the custom font:

In our article, you can find detailed instructions on how to add custom fonts to Stripo https://support.stripo.email/en/articles/3154857-font-management-adding-custom-fonts .

If you have any other issues, please contact us in chats or write to us at support@stripo.email.

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