Leaving comments and submitting feedback in emails is now possible.

This parameter is an array of objects with "value" and "label" fields which used for collecting data form the AMP-Form block.

By default, this block is hidden in the UI settings of the plugin, and to activate it you need to click on the control in the Basic blocks management.

Important to note:

This form will render only for those users whose email clients support AMP — you’ll find the list below.

Others will see a traditional form.

For your customers, it will be displayed as an AMP-block form that should be drag and drop to the email.

After adding they should click on it and paste the URL-link where the collected data will be placed. Then they can add input elements into the form.

You can independently assign the Label name and where this data will be stored.

“Label” is the name of the service shown in the editor, “Value” is an endpoint for submitting forms.

"ampFormServices": [

"label": "My endpoint 1",
"value": "https://my-endpoint1.net"
"label": "My endpoint 2",
"value": "https://my-endpoint2.net"

This is how a predefined list of services looks like in the editor.

If you want to know who of your users left this comment, you need to:

  • Click the “AMP HTML” icon in your template;

  • then add a form element;

  • then choose a “Hidden Form”;

  • click “input_hidden” in your form;

  • then enter Default Value and variable, where the “Default value” is the merge tag that retrieves the respondent’s email address. To get one, contact your ESP, or find one with Stripo.

This field will be hidden in users’ inboxes.

The last step - designing your form!

To design this form you need to:

a) form itself

  • to design the form itself, click on the “AMP HTML” icon in your template;

  • in the settings panel, set background color, and border.

b) button

  • to design button in the form, click on the button in the template;

  • in the settings panel, set button label, font type, font size, and color, text color, border-radius, and alignment.

c) notification section

  • Click the “Success notification message” in your template;

  • edit text right there;

  • color for each section — by default they are green and red — and text color should be set in the settings panel.

Done! :)

If you have any questions please let us know to support@stripo.email

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