The first and the most effective way is — building a structure-based table with the necessary number of columns/containers (which will serve as table cells).

Go to the “Structures” tab and drag the necessary structure into your email template.

If the number of columns/containers is not enough, you can add new ones and make them all similar in size. Here you can edit and manage their width. We strongly recommend removing all indents between containers. In this case, if the cells of your table have borders, they will be close. 

Then you need to fill these containers with the basic text blocks. Put a mouse pointer over the container and select “Text”.

Now you can add copy and apply necessary styles and settings to it. To set borders for the cells, please go to the “Settings” of a container

where you set necessary width and color.

When the first structure with cells is ready, copy it — and you will get the second line of your table with the settings and parameters that you have previously set.

You will only need to fill it out with necessary information.

To let your table render on mobiles devices exactly as it renders on desktop devices, you need to turn off the “Responsive structure” option and pick a smaller font in the “Appearance” —> “Mobile View” menu tabs.

The second way isadding a prepared table in the Text Block.

This way is easier, but you will not be able to apply the settings that you apply to the very text block.

So, to add this table to your email you need to choose a necessary block and at the top-right corner click the “Table” icon. 

Choose the number of lines and columns, set other parameters.

Now you may fill your table in.

Please be advised that now it is impossible to set the width of the cells. 

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