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How to add a table to an email template?
How to add a table to an email template?

This article provides information how to create a table in your email.

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At Stripo, you can create tables right in your email template. There are two ways to add a table.

The first way is by using a built-in table constructor. It‘s simple and intended for creating small text tables.

The second way involves using basic elements of a template: structures and containers. It's more complicated but allows adding styles to a table and filling it with various content.

Let us take a closer look at both of the methods.

Creating a table using the Built-in Table Constructor:

  • Add a text block to your email template;

  • Click on three dots at the top right corner and select the tool Table;

  • This is our table constructor. Choose the number of rows and columns; set the other parameters;

  • We have created an empty table;

  • Now, we only have to add the necessary data, and it's done;

  • Also, you can edit the table with embedded functions. You need just click with the right button of the mouse, and you will see the functions on how to edit the table;

Creating a table using structures and containers:

Using this method, we will have to edit each table cell manually. However, by doing so, we can make our table more attractive.

  • Let us add one structure to an email template;

  • Select the structure, then on the left panel, click the Plus sign to add more containers to the structure. The number of containers will correspond to the number of columns in a table;

  • Remove the indent between the containers. Adjust the width for each container, or simply click the Equals sign to set equal width to all the containers;

  • Remove the top and bottom paddings in the structure;

  • Select each container and add borders to it;

  • Turn off the responsiveness for the structure so that the table would have the same layout on the mobile view;

  • Copy the structure by hovering the mouse over three dots to the right of it;

  • Add necessary data to the containers;

  • You can add as many lines as possible by copying the structure;

  • Add the data to each line;

  • Now, we can adjust the table and add styles: remove unnecessary borders, make the line spacing bigger, and add colors to the cells.

As you can see, the second method is more complicated but allows for making beautiful tables.

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