How to apply anchor hyperlinks?

In this article, you will learn how to use special links in a template to redirect to specific paragraphs.

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You've probably seen a feature on websites when a page has links to its own chapters, and when you click on the link, you get redirected to a specific chapter or paragraph on the same page. This feature is called an anchor link.

Here, at Stripo, you can add such links to your emails and send the customer to a particular part of that email.

How to add an anchor link at Stripo?

First, select a target element that your link will be referring to. On the left panel, turn on the "add an Anchor link" option and give the anchor a name.

Please, be advised that the name must not have spaces or other symbols except letters and digits.

We have created the link's name.

Now, select an element that will redirect a user to our target destination (it can be a button, an image, or a menu element).

Go to the left panel, and in the field Link, open the drop-down list and select the link’s name you created earlier under "Anchor Links".

That is all, the anchor link has been added. In my case, the Button block "More info" refers to the paragraph How to join with us.

Tip: Please note that we cannot test these links right in the editor. In order to test the anchors, you need to send yourself a test message.

We also have a post in our blog with a more detailed description of anchor links.

Important to note: Please be advised that not all email clients support anchor links. Here is a list showing which email clients support this feature so far:

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