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Workspace Exploration

This article will guide you about the Workspace tab and its configurations in Stripo account.

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The Workspace tab is a centralized configuration area that allows users to manage various aspects related to their accounts. This tab provides options for adjusting general information, managing subscription plans, purchasing additional services, configuring the Image Server, and more.

The "Workspace" configuration tab is based on your Account Settings and allows you to:

1) Organize the "Groups" which helps to aid users in categorizing and managing their projects, to do this please switch to the "Workspace" "Groups";

2) Setting up the "Projects", which helps in organizing work for different customers similar to folders, for doing this please switch to the "Workspace""Projects".

3) Configure the "Image Server", to do this please proceed with the "Workspace".

Let's take a look closer at every section and their options:


What is the Group?
The Group feature aids users in categorizing and managing their projects. Each project aligns with a specific group, improving the management process.

Linking a project to a group lets users employ the group's parameters to individual projects. This increases project creation efficiency and ensures consistency across projects, enhancing platform usability.

Group settings allow customization of parameters like merge tags, special links, custom fonts, etc. for all email templates based on customer needs.

How to set up the Group?

  • Please go to the "Groups" tab,

  • Choose the necessary Group or create a "New Group";

  • Select the required group and click on it to see the group settings.

Check this article for more details about Grops and how to configure them.


What is the Project?
Projects help in organizing work for different customers similar to folders. It comes with varied settings, email template options, participant invitations for collaborative efforts, and customizable project settings for time-efficient email designs.

Project settings involve customization of social networks, merge tags, special links, custom fonts, domain, localization, and more based on customer needs, and the ability to invite specific colleagues to relevant projects.

How to set up the Project?

  • Please go to the "Projects" tab;

  • Choose the necessary Project or create a "New Project" and click on it;

Click here for more details about Projects and how to configure them.

Image Storage:

At the "Image Storage" menu, you can configure the Image service.

Stripo storage is connected by default. It has no capacity or time limits. You can use this storage absolutely for free.

Also, you have several options to connect custom image storage for your pics.

For more details, click here.

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