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This article will guide you about the Company tab and their configurations in Stripo account.

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The Company tab is a centralized configuration area that allows users to manage various aspects related to their accounts. This tab provides options for adjusting general information, managing subscription plans, purchasing additional services, configuring the Image Server, and more.

The "Company" configuration tab is based in your Account Settings and allows you to:

1) Add the name of your company, change your tariff plan as well as purchase additional services, for doing this please switch to the "Company""General Information".

2) Configure the Image Server, to do this please proceed with the "Company""Image Server".

Let's take a look closer at every section and their options:

Company's general information:

  • General information section:

In the "General Information" form below, you can specify your company name and display the date your account was created:

  • Plan section:

In the Plan section you will be able to:

  • Additional services section:

Extra Users allows you to add and manage users who have access to your account by giving them permission to view/edit and use various account menus.

If you would like to invite an Extra User, please refer to this article.
More about Roles and Permissions, you can read here.

Extra Timer Views is a prepaid service featured in all tariff plans. Using it, you can craft emails with a countdown timer block that shows how much time remains before the promo ends.

📘 Please be advised:

Timer block views are the total number of timer views our server will generate for your account. Every time your user opens the email with Timer (or you re-edit this block), Stripo tracks how many times the timer was displayed and accordingly reduces the number of views available for the current billing period.

To find more information about Timer Views, read our article.

Extra Email Clients Tests is our editor’s advanced service to test emails using the technologies of our partner, Email on Acid. This testing option will help you check how your email looks in different email services and devices.

For more information, please follow this link.

Extra Exports - a new feature that helps you to add additional exports if needed. The minimum price is $5 per 10 exports.

To find more information about the Export feature, read our article.

Image Server:

There is an option to configure the "Image Server" in the Image Server tab.

The Stripo storage is connected by default. It has no capacity or time limits. You can use this storage absolutely for free.

Also, you have several options to connect custom image storage for your pics.

For more details, click here.

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