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This article provides additional information regarding the Project that can be temporary hided (deleted).

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Projects allow you to organize your work across different customers. They are like folders with the opportunity to set different settings. In addition to regular email template storage, you have an option to invite different participants to your particular projects for further collaboration and customize project settings to reduce the time to create email templates.

For example, if you have a PRO Plan and there are a lot of customers in the organization, it’s more convenient to create separate projects for each customer as they probably have entirely different brand styles and requirements for email templates.

However, this applies not only to users but also to AGENCIES. For example, if you work in different cities or countries, your offices belong to one organization where each office has their own team.

Or, if you make templates for different customers and want access to them in one place, your customers won't even know about it because everyone will have their own project.

In all of the above cases, using separate projects will significantly simplify your regulation of work with each individual customer and organization since Stripo is a platform for working with large corporations.

In the project's settings, you can customize the merge tags, special links, custom fonts and other settings for all email templates according to your customer's needs. You can also invite your colleagues only to the project associated with them in a way so that they won't see any other projects with their content.

What is the Archive Project?

Let's imagine you have a lot of projects, one of them you are not currently using because, for some reason, your customer/colleague will not be able to work with you on this project temporarily. Therefore, for your convenience, Stripo has created the Archived project feature to hide such projects so that they do not interfere with your work, among others. When you need this project again, you can unarchive it.

Please keep in mind that for MEDIUM, PRO and PRIME tariff plans users with 2 or more projects in their accounts, an option to archive and hide projects is available.

How can I set up the Archive project?

Initially, you should go to the "Projects&Group" tab, select the project you want to archive, and open its settings; after that, you will be able to see the "General Information" tab, you will find the option to "Archived project", activate this function.

Important note: Archived projects will not be displayed in drop-down lists when switching between projects, selecting a project for moving email messages and templates, or managing access for invited participants.

As you can we do not see the "DEMO" project in the drop-down lists when switching between projects.

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