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Issues with verification or password reset emails
Issues with verification or password reset emails

This article explains how to fix problems with not getting confirmation email or password reset emails.

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There could be a variety of reasons why you didn't receive a verification or password reset email. By providing you with options to consider, the information below can assist in resolving the issue.

There are a few reasons why your verification or password reset email is not delivered:

• Your inbox hasn't refreshed/slight delivery delay

The email normally arrives in a matter of seconds, but occasionally, due to technical issues, it may take up to two minutes. It's also conceivable that the email has already reached your inbox but hasn't yet been displayed to you because your email client hasn't been updated.

How to fix: Refresh your inbox after waiting for a moment to resolve the issue.

Go back to the Stripo and select "Resend email" if you still can't view it.

• Allow emails from Stripo

Common reasons the email might not be getting to your inbox are because of a firewall that blocks emails from a specific domain.

How to fix: Please contact your system administrator to allowlist our domains and subdomains:*

Also ensure that your email security has the email address*,*,* included on your safe sender's list too.

• Typo in the email address

A typo or misspelling in the email address is the most frequent cause of email delivery failure. It's possible that you entered your email incorrectly.

How to fix: Check the email address that we sent the email to. Just create a new account if it is incorrect.

• Spam folders and other email filters

You might discover the verification email in a different folder if your email software "organizes" your emails automatically (Gmail does this!).

How to fix: Check your email provider's folders such as Spam, Promotions, Social, Updates and Forums.

• Verify the accuracy of the email address's content.

Our Email service provider has restrictions on sending emails to addresses that consist of the following words in their sender names:

- webmaster, no reply, gov (government email addresses);

- Chinese domains, like "", and "";

- email addresses with "+" symbol inside.

How to fix: Please double-check if your email address does not contain the following words. Change your email address or send us a message so we can manually activate it.

However, the remaining emails won't reach you at that point.

• Not enough space in the mail

Your inbox may be full. If your inbox has reached its storage limit, you will need to delete some emails to make space for new incoming emails.

How to fix: Please check if there is enough free space in your mailbox. The volume of the Inbox folder should not exceed 2000 MB.

If you continue experiencing issues, please email us at, and we will be glad to help you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles. We hope you will find this information helpful.

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