How to export an email template to Mautic?

In this article, you can find more information on exporting email templates from Stripo to Mautic.

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To export your email template from Stripo directly to Mautic, you need to:

  • Open an email template and click the "Export" button, which is located above the email template;

  • Switch to the tab "Email Provider" and type "Mautic" in the search field. Then click on the "Mautic" icon;

  • Enter your Export account name (you can give any), API URL, Username, and Password, and select an email type; after that, click the "Next Step" button;

  • To check the Username and Password, open the Mautic account and click on the account's name at the top right corner; then go to the "Account" → "Account Details" menu;

  • To get the API URL, click on the gear icon at the top right corner to open the "Settings", then go to "Configuration" → "System Settings" → the "General Settings" menu; it is named as "Site URL" there;

Please be advised that for successful export, the "API enabled?" and "Enable HTTP basic auth?" controls should be activated in your Mautic account.

You can find these controls in the "Configuration" → "API Settings" menu.

An email type can be selected from the dropdown list. There are two available types: "Transactional" and "Segment".

The "Segment" type allows assigning mailing lists to the exported email.

  • In the Next Step, if you have selected the "Segment" type, you will see a menu to choose the mailing lists, several lists can selected at a time:

It is required to add at least one mailing list for a Segment email.

As for the email type "Transactional", the mailing list selection is not available there. If you select this type, you will just see a warning message informing about it;

  • Then click on "Export" to complete the export process;

Note: You can also activate/deactivate the control of "Upload used images to Mautic";

When you export email templates, all the images used in them will be uploaded to the "Assets" section in your Mautic account. The image paths in the HTML code will be replaced with the paths to images stored in Mautic.

  • The email template will be placed in the "Channels" → "Emails" menu;

  • If you export your template/email with the same name more than once, you will see the following pop-up notification where you are asked to choose whether you'd like to export your newsletter as new one or replace the existing one.

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