To export your email templates from Stripo directly to Amazon Pinpoint, please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the email template and press the Export button at the top. After please click the Amazon Pinpoint icon:

2. Please enter the Connector's name( your company name), API and secret keys and select your instance. After just hit the Export button.

Your email template would be delivered to the «Message templates» menu of your Amazon Pinpoint account.

In case of the error, please, also check these permissions for these methods in the Amazon account:

  1. mobiletargeting:CreateEmailTemplate

  2. mobiletargeting:GetApps

  3. mobiletargeting:GetEmailTemplate

  4. mobiletargeting:UpdateEmailTemplate

  5. mobiletargeting:ListTemplateVersions

  6. mobiletargeting:UpdateTemplateActiveVersion

You can configure these permissions in the Security credentials --> Policies --> Create policy section

In addition, we added the ability to change the name of the template when re-exporting. To do this, you need to re-export the email by clicking on "As a new one", and after that, you will have the opportunity to change its name.

Please be kindly informed that, we convert the name of the exported email in the following way: we replace the Cyrillic letters with the Latin alphabet, spaces with the underscore, and also remove the special symbols.

By clicking on the Replace existing you will be able to create a new version of the email and set this version as an "active" one.

You should go to Amazon and check the version of the template here:

You will also be able to check all of the versions there:

Please do not hesitate to email us at in case you have any questions.

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