What is the custom domain for previews?

Custom domain for email previews is an option available with a MEDIUM, PRO and PRIME pricing plans. It’s especially helpful for companies that send email template links to their clients for approval, so they do not want URL links to contain domain names related to stripo.email. For example:

If you want email templates preview links to start with your domain address, not stripo.email – just create the desired subdomain, specify it on the project settings page, and make basic settings on your server.

You can set the custom domain in the settings of your project.

There are examples of Apache and Nginx configurations.

Besides, if you want to set a custom domain name for the Microsoft IIS, the Application Request Routing extension should be added and enabled there as in this general article - https://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/application-request-routing

While the configuration please use this "Reserve Proxy" option:

For our example we have these settings:

After configuration, we put this link - https://testcheck.stripo-test.email/ into the "Your subdomain address" field in the Project settings.

As the result, we get this preview link which you can share with your customers/colleagues - https://testcheck.stripo-test.email/template/51d6c9b5-0c25-44bd-9f46-2f2996d02fbc

Please mail us support@stripo.email if you still have any questions.

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