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Did you create a template, exported it to OFT-file, and now you want to change some links into email but as a result after sending the links are still old, they did not replace with new ones as expected?

If you faced this situation, I suppose you turn on the "Support of Outlook" button control.

Please keep in mind, that this option inserts a special VML-code element into the HTML code.

And if you change the link inside the OFT file, a part of the HTML-code changes, which causes the VML code to break.

So what's the solution?

  • Try to write all correct links directly in the Stripo editor and export a fully prepared email;

  • Disable the "Support of Outlook" button's control, thereby, the HTML won't contain VML code inside, and you will be able to change links in the exported OFT file, and they will save after sending.

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