Would you like to automate the email production/email update process? If so, you can do it in the easiest way pulling data from Google Sheets into emails.

Being able to update/edit content in your emails after the email has been sent is a great way to provide users with only fresh, relevant, and real information.

Building such emails with Stripo prevents you from the necessity to deal with JSON, set CORS headers, etc. You save time on email production, yet make your emails more functional and useful.

How to connect Google Sheets to emails via Stripo?

First of all you can take a look at our video to see how to Set and Use Data from Google Spreadsheets in Email with Stripo

To find an extensive guide on how to set up Google Sheets to emails via Stripo please follow next link - https://stripo.email/blog/how-pull-data-from-google-sheets-into-emails/

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