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This article will show you how to add custom services for collecting feedback from the AMP forms in the Stripo plugin.

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Leaving comments and submitting feedback in emails is now possible.

AMP-form is very useful for those who would like to receive feedback or any other useful information from their clients.

This parameter is an array of objects with "value" and "label" fields which used for collecting data from the AMP-Form block.

"Label" is the name of the service where the data from the AMP Form would be sent to, and "Value" is a link to the endpoint for submitting forms.

  "ampFormServices": [
"label": "My endpoint 1",
"value": "https://my-endpoint1.net"
"label": "My endpoint 2",
"value": "https://my-endpoint2.net"

This is how a predefined list of services looks in the editor when a user clicks on the Form block inside their email template.

By the way, users can still enter their own URL endpoints into the "External service" field.

However, if you want to block action to add custom URL into the "External service", you should additionally call the parameter:

"showExternalAmpFormServices": false

As a result, the "External service" field won't be available:

Important to note: This form will render only for those users whose email clients support AMP — you’ll find the list below.

This is an official Google page https://amp.dev/support/faq/email-support/.

Here you can check which email services support sending AMP emails and which email providers have AMP support content.

Others will see a traditional form.

Please refer to our separate article if you want to understand how to configure the "Form" block.

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