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Why I can't find my templates/emails?
Why I can't find my templates/emails?

This article explains why you are unable to see your current email/templates.

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Sometimes users can face the situation when they cannot find their created email templates.

There can be 3 reasons for such a situation:

1) First reason:

You can be invited to another organization by someone, and then you just need to switch from a personal account to a public one to find other emails and templates.

Let's look at this case in more detail; an owner of the MEDIUM, PRO, or PRIME package, can create more than one project and have an option to invite extra users to these projects for further interaction.

For example, you are a member of the PRO plan, and now you can't find previously created emails/templates in your account; to find them, you just need to switch to another shared project and check there.

To switch between projects easily and conveniently, please use the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the screen, near the Account settings button.

More information on how to switch between projects can be found in this article.

2) The second reason why you can't find emails

If the owner of the paid plan (for example, PRO) has canceled your access to some projects;

3) The last third reason

If the subscription or "Extra Users" prepaid service has expired.

In these cases, please contact the owner of the paid account to figure it out.

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